All prices below are shown per person and - if not indicated otherwise - per hour. Further details on the specific offers will be provided per e-mail.

Individual dance classes with your personal teacher:                    Prices per person:

- Per hour                                                                                                15 EUR 

- Offer for 6 hours with 2 taxi dancer evenings*                                 100 EUR

- Offer for 10 hours with 2 taxi dancer evenings*                                145 EUR

- Offer for 10 hours without taxi dancer evenings                               130 EUR

- Additional classes (from 11 to 20 hours): per hour                              12 EUR

- Additional classes (from 21 hours onwards): per hour                       10 EUR


Taxi dancer service*: 

- Dance partner for the evening (approximately 3 hours)                    15 EUR
   *Price does not include entry fees to the dance club,

   transport and drinks for student and teacher. 


Group dance classes – Led by two main teachers and

each student dances with a Cuban dance partner: 

- Per hour (for a group of at least 5 persons)**                                   13 EUR

** If you have a group with more than 15 persons or wish
to take at least 6 classes, please speak with us directly
and we can offer you a special deal. 


Individual Spanish classes:

- Per hour                                                                                                14 EUR

- Offer for course of 10 hours: per course                                          120 EUR


Individual percussion classes: 

- Per hour                                                                                                15 EUR

- Offer for course of 10 hours: per course                                          130 EUR 


Casa particular 'Casa Sol y Salsa' (4 bedrooms):                              Prices per room: 

- Per night and bedroom with private bathroom on first floor             30 EUR

- Per night and bedroom with private bathroom in apartment             40 EUR

   on 2nd floor, sharing kitchen & living room with other guests

- Special deals for stays of 14 days or longer                                      25 EUR / 35 EUR


Casa particular 'Casa Sol y Sombra' (2 bedrooms): 

- Per night and bedroom with private bathroom                                   30 EUR

- Special deals for stays of 14 days or longer                                      25 EUR


Further information regarding payments in Cuba:

  • As of 2021, we ask you to make all payments in our school in cash in Euros. You usually pay after the classes of each day. If you have booked a package of various hours, it would be the easiest if you could already pay the full amount after the classes of the first day. If you prefer paying day by day, we ask you to pay the price for single classes. For the last hours of your package, you would then only have to pay the remaining price of the specific offer.
  • For paying your daily purchases in shops, restaurants or for any services, we highly recommend bringing Euros in cash in small denominations. We suggest only changing a small amount into the local currency, the CUP (Cuban Peso). You will mainly use these CUP for paying for food and in some restaurants. Please also read the further information on 'Currencies, money exchange and credit card use' in the two paragraphs below. 


Currency and money exchange:

  • Kindly note that the CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) was one of the two currencies in use in Cuba and was the main currency for tourists until December 2020. 1 CUC equals approximately 1 USD. Payments at tourist establishments in Cuba were usually done in CUC until then. However, on January 1st, 2021, a money unification happened and the CUC was officially abolished and completely vanished end of June 2021.
  • The CUP (Cuban Peso = Peso Cubano, also called MN = Moneda Nacional) is now the main currency in Cuba. However, there are also more and more stores that sell items in USD, but they only accept payments by credit card (no cash possible). 
  • We recommend you to already exchange some money into Euros in your home country (if you have a different currency), optimally in small denominations (best are 5, 10 and 20 Euros). You will need some cash, as the taxi drivers only accept cash in Euros (however, they take an exchange rate of 1:1 to the USD). Attention: You cannot change another currency to Euros (or USD) in Cuba, because the banks will not have enough Euros (or USD) for any conversion.
  • You can exchange your internationally traded currency into CUP at the airport, in banks and in 'Casas de Cambio' (CADECA). The best exchange rates are provided for Euros, Swiss Francs, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen. USD might be accepted for money exchange to CUP, as well, however only from tourists (as they are no longer accepted if Cubans want to exchange money). The extra fee of 10% that existed for the exchange of USD was abolished in mid 2020. Here you can find the current exchange rates:
  • We suggest already exchanging a low amount of money into CUP at the airport in order to ensure that you do not run out of money while you have to stay in quarantine in your hotel for the first 5 nights.


Credit card use:

  • Credit cards only work if they are not issued by or using an American bank as an intermediary. VISA cards work with the ATM machines, while Mastercard can mainly be used inside the banks or the CADECA (although in some selected banks of Havana, Mastercard can now also be used with the ATM machines).
  • There are also some shops where you could pay by international credit card. However, the queues in front of these shops (usually referred to 'tiendas en MLC' in Spanish) are usually really long, although the product range is very limited, too. We suggest you ask the manager of the casa for recommendations if you want to buy food or sanitary products. As tourists will probably not make much use of these shops, we suggest taking most of your money to Cuba in cash and in Euros.